Who we are

A Makalu has emerged by seeking “outside the box” solutions to our clients allying creativity, expertise, and experience to deal with complex situations. We are personally committed to the success of our clients, valuing a long-term relationship. The only existing marketing is our renown, achieved by nothing than high performance work.

+R$14 billions at face value in structured transactions        +R$3,2 billions in invested capital     +R$14 billions at face value in structured transactions        +R$3,2 billions in invested capital      

Ours Highlights


Our team combines experience and innovation to deliver the best solutions even in the most complex situations.  We believe – above all – being honest is the right path and this is our north.

Focusing on create value for our clients in any kind of situation structuring flexible and creative financial solutions. For that, we dive into each case to understand the company’s needs at that moment. We believe this is the unique way to deliver the best options, with team vision whether is special situations, debt advisory or M&A.


We know that structuring a transaction goes beyond pricing: trust is our most valued asset. This confidence assures  to understand the returns and guarantees required in each business. This also contributes to allying the company with its manager and hence a successful business.

The today market focuses on large transactions, made by well-known companies, while has countless operations with lower competition, with disbursements between R$ 50 million and R$ 200 million, especially out of RJ-SP axis, believing this range has the best opportunities. We can diversify the fund into smaller checks and higher risk control, across co-investment in larger transactions.

Our services

We are strategically positioned to create value in our specialties, offering consulting services and capital solutions.



Rua Amauri, 305
10º andar – Itaim Bibi
CEP: 01448-000

Avenida Luiz Eduardo Toledo Prado, 800
2º andar, salas 211 e 212 – Iguatemi Business
Vila do Golf – CEP: 14027-250
Ribeirão Preto / SP


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